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What Do We Do

We are a biotechnological startup with a mission: to enable people with celiac disease to maintain a gluten-free diet without noticing any differences from conventional eating.

The idea originated from our CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel Gómez-Bravo, upon realizing the daily challenges faced by celiacs and their families in finding suitable, quality, and affordable food. This motivated him to assemble a team of professionals and seek a solution for this community, which sees their monthly food budget skyrocketing due to the difficulty of finding truly suitable products without possible traces of gluten.

That is how the Bread Free project was born in 2020, becoming the world’s first startup to accomplish this feat. Through patented technology able to process gluten-containing cereals such as wheat, barley and rye, separating this component from conventional flour, ensuring safe consumption for those with celiac disease.

Successfully tested in laboratory and complying with FACE regulations of gluten-free products, this ingredient, under the brand name “Pura”, will begin to commercialize in late 2024, along with suitable products elaborated by industrial companies.

With this ingredient, celiac people will not have to renounce the traditional product or its organoleptic properties (flavor and texture) and nutritional properties (vitamin B, ferrum, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc).

This project has been funded under an ENISA Loan, through the Government of Navarre, and under the “Aids for the Creation and Consolidation of Innovative Technology-Based Companies”.

“This company/organization has received economic assistance co-financed by the Government of Navarre and the European Regional Development Fund (40%) through the “Operational Programme FEDER of Navarre”. “This company has participated in the “Europe Closer Program”, subsidized by the Government of Navarre”.



Offer people with celiac disease healthy, affordable products with all the flavor and nutritional value of traditional products.



Make sure that the population that follows a gluten-free diet do not observe any differences with respect to the traditional diet.



We are committed to reduce inequalities between those consumers who follow a gluten-free diet and the general population, promoting social integration. Also, we fight for sustainability and to generate products in a way that is committed to the environment.