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Bread Free

We are a start-up formed by young entrepreneurs who, through an innovative process, have managed to process cereals with gluten to separate this component from the rest of the food so that it can be consumed by people with celiac disease. The main advantage of this advance is that celiac people will not have to give up the traditional product and its valuable nutrients and rich texture and flavour. The idea came from one of the entrepreneurs when he realized the daily problems that celiac people and their families face when it comes to finding quality food suitable for them, which motivated them to look for a solution for a group that, due to lower quality products, their monthly food budget exceeds compared to that of those people who do not have celiac disease, in addition to this difficulty they often have in finding products on the market that are really gluten-free and do not contain possible cross-contamination. To these daily problems we must add the possible harmful effects on the health of those people who, suffering from celiac disease, consume gluten without knowing it.

This innovative process has been successfully tested in the laboratory during 2020 and we meet the criteria established by FACE (Spanish Celiac Disease Association) for the safe consumption of food for people with celiac disease.




Offer people with celiac disease healthy, affordable products with all the flavor and nutritional value of traditional products.



Make sure that the population that follows a gluten-free diet do not observe any differences with respect to the traditional diet.



We are committed to reduce inequalities between those consumers who follow a gluten-free diet and the general population, promoting social integration. Also, we fight for sustainability and to generate products in a way that is committed to the environment.